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We are currently accepting resumes / applications for a Technician position. If you are interested, please contact Trent at 801-787-4065.

Welcome to Arcadia Veterinary Clinic!

At Arcadia Veterinary Clinic, we believe that each and every animal – regardless of size, breed or age – deserves quality, compassionate veterinary care. We also believe that every client we serve is important. Your child, who comes to us for the care of his new pet rabbit, is just as valuable to us as the lifelong client who has been bringing her pets to us for decades. It’s this individualized care and personal touch that sets us apart and makes us the provider of choice for veterinary care in Heber City.

When you’re in our office, you’ll have our undivided attention. We’ll never rush you, or make you feel as though you’re in the way. In fact, Arcadia Veterinary Clinic operates under an “open hospital” policy, which means we welcome our clients to become an active participant in their animal companions’ health care. We won’t usher you out of the room, or separate you from your pet when it comes to a certain procedure, or even surgery. You’re welcome to stay with your companion at all times – in fact, we encourage it!

Monthly Events

February is Dental Month


Here at Arcadia we know how important animal's teeth are to them. With proper oral care an animal can have an extended, healthier life. Plus we know that their kisses will smell a lot better.

All month long we would like to offer 15% discount on all dental procedures for cats and dogs.

We don't want to leave out our large animal friends either, so it will be 15% off equine swiss floats as well.

Come get those stinky dull teeth cleaned and polished to a healthier smile today.

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